About Us

About Yog-Kulam

Yoga means Union; Kulam means centre of education and excellence, like Guru-Kulam. Yog-Kulam will be utilizing ancient learning method to develop the knowledge and will be focused on education, training and research in the field of Yoga.

We aim to promote deeper knowledge of Yoga and practise Yoga as ‘Way of life’. We strive to protect and preserve the authenticity of ancient Yoga knowledge. We endeavour to establish communication and collaboration with other organisations having similar objectives. We thrive to foster community cohesion in society. Our name in true sense, symbolizes aims of our organisation.


Why Yog-Kulam ?

Currently, Yog-Kulam is working on integrating ancient Yoga with our education system, with an aim of comprehensive development of our children. Over the course of time, different styles of Yoga have developed, we aim to bring it all under one roof.


Yog-Kulam was established in 2018 by few passionate Yoga practitioners and teachers who realised the need of hour. Through various activities including this course we aim to bring deeper meaning to yoga to all: Yoga is uniting body to mind, individual to family , family to society and society to the World. We aim to work towards promoting Yoga, preservation of authenticity of ancient Yogic knowledge. We will also be working towards communication and collaboration with other organizations having similar objectives and foster community cohesion in our society.

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Our Vision


Spreading ancient wisdom of Yoga to the World by integrating it in daily life for all round Development of individual and Society.

Our Mission


Together we aim to work towards building a harmonious society by inculcating yogic way of life.

Our Values


Purposeful living Invested in societal good, Excellence ,