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Teacher Training Course -  28 May 2022 Batch


In the UK, Yoga has been popular since the 1960s and the benefits are well documented. Yoga has improved the quality of life for many. If you are interested in taking a step towards ajourney to wellness, .click below to learn more about our courses.

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Yoga Sutra Course


We learned that the Yoga Sutra states that we suffer because of our distracted state of mind. The goal of Yoga is to harness the mind in a calm, clear and stable state. Explore the course to understand more about it.

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Available Topup Courses 


Yoga is a blessing to mankind. It has gained significant popularity in the recent times as an effective 
means of combating the pressures of today’s world. Many adults have integrated the practice of yoga asana 
in their regular schedule and have greatly benefited from it. 
If you also want to be a part of this journey to wellness, then click on the icon below to register for the 
available top-up courses that we offer.

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